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Explaining the Importance of Vehicle Diagnostics

Typically, whenever a customer brings their car into San Francisco Automotive Solutions (formerly All American Automotive), multiple steps are taken to diagnose the problem(s) and determine what repairs need to be recommended. 

There are physical inspections that will happen. Depending on the problem at hand, our technicians will thoroughly inspect the area of concern. We'll find out if parts are damaged, if fluid leaks are occurring or if components are getting worn out. However, a key part of the inspection process—especially when it comes to internal vehicle concerns such as the engine, transmission and electrical system—is running vehicle diagnostics. That is what we are going to focus on in this article.

There are many reasons why your check engine light may come on. When it does, you'll want to bring your car into a professional service facility like San Francisco Automotive Solutions as soon as possible. Our experts can run the diagnostic tests, which will show the issue that caused the check engine light to come on in the first place. Other problems may be detected, as well. The sophisticated diagnostics systems we use will tap directly into your car's computer and unique fault codes (otherwise known as error codes or trouble codes) will be generated that show our diagnosticians precisely what is causing the failure. 

The check engine light will generally come on when there are major concerns. However, you cannot always depend on that. Sometimes you just know when your car isn't running right. Trust the diagnostic experts at San Francisco Automotive Solutions to run a complete diagnostics check and make sure all your vehicle's systems are running properly. When problems are detected, we'll know what to look for if an internal inspection is required and then we can provide you with a detailed analysis. We'll recommend what repairs are needed and what parts may need to be replaced, so you can make informed automotive repair decisions.

Ultimately, diagnostics are an important part of the repair process because we can better determine any problems and make sure the repairs performed will resolve any issues. San Francisco Automotive Solutions' state-of-the-art automotive repair facility is equipped with the latest vehicle diagnostics equipment, and our expert diagnosticians are some of the best around. When you bring your car into our shop, you know no detail will be overlooked.

If your check engine light has come on or you have any automotive concerns you want checked out by our professional team of technicians, call San Francisco Automotive Solutions today at (415) 523-0515 or schedule a service appointment online.


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