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Vehicles are made up of a series of different components that all come together to get you wherever you need to go. One of the most crucial of all components is that of your fuel system. The fuel systems of today are far different than what they once were. Older vehicles had carburetors that delivered the fuel your engine needs to make your vehicle go. Today, vehicles contain fuel injection systems that control the fuel sent to your vehicle electronically.

Electronic fuel systems allow you to monitor your system. By pushing down on the gas pedal, your fuel injector gets the signal to send the right amount of fuel into your vehicle to get you where you need to go. Unfortunately, these systems are rather complex and need proper maintenance to keep them in working order. If you don't take the time to bring your vehicle in for an inspection, it could end up causing a number of problems down the road.

That's where the team at San Francisco Automotive Solutions can help. We will go through your injectors and make sure everything is cleaned out. In doing so, you can eliminate the chance of any deposits getting stuck in your system and causing problems with the valves and heads. Once everything is cleaned out, your engine performance will improve, the life cycle of your engine will be prolonged and your fuel economy will get better. Ignoring your fuel injection system will cause you to lose power, struggle to accelerate and lead to engine failure.

Beyond all of the above, a clean fuel system also helps to reduce your carbon footprint. Pay attention to your fuel economy to determine whether your system isn't working like it should. If you notice something isn't right, you need to bring it in to the team at San Francisco Automotive Solutions to have it looked at. With more than 100 years of combined experience, you can trust in the ASE certified technicians to get it done for you.

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