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No one wants to suffer with a non-working AC system during the middle of the summer, let alone any other time. You want to be able to relax and enjoy the nice cool air coming out of the vents after a long hard day at work, especially when you work in a factory where the temperatures can soar to more than 100 degrees at any given point in time. While an auto air conditioning system is meant to last for quite some time, there are a number of things that can go wrong with the system without your even realizing it. All it takes is one thing to stop working in your vehicle to leave you without cool air.

If the line has a crack in it, your system could end up leaking Freon. When the compressor is without Freon, it prevents the interior of your vehicle from getting cool. At some point along the way, you will have no other option than to replace the compressor. No component inside of your vehicle will last forever, but you can help it last longer than normal with simple maintenance and routine inspections.

That's where the team at San Francisco Automotive Solutions can step in and help with your auto air conditioning repairs. The team has more than 20 years of experience working on vehicles like yours. It doesn't matter if you have a domestic, Japanese or European car. You can trust in the team to tackle whatever it is that might be going on with your vehicle and get the air working once again. With the latest technology in the industry ready to help diagnose your vehicle, there is no time like the present to bring your vehicle in and have it looked at.

The team at San Francisco Automotive Solutions are ASE certified specialists with extensive experience in auto air conditioning repairs. Eliminate the heat and enjoy a nice, cool ride home with the help of the complete line of air conditioning services from San Francisco Automotive Solutions.

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