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As you drive your vehicle on the open road, the shocks and suspension provide you with a nice, smooth ride. If you find your vehicle dipping whenever you go over a bump in the road or drifting around the corner, it could be that you need to have the suspension system replaced to get everything back in working order. Regardless of whether your vehicle is equipped with shock absorbers or a strut-based system, you can depend on the team at San Francisco Automotive Solution, the best auto repair near you, to get it taken care of. With more than two decades of experience behind them, the group of ASE certified technicians understands what to look for when it comes to the suspension system in your vehicle.

Many people assume that shock absorbers are designed to handle everything necessary for your vehicle and give it the smooth ride you crave. The coil springs are designed to handle all of the bumps on the road. It's the absorbers that help the springs to rebound and handle all of the abuse that come from typical driving along the road. When all of these elements work together, it makes sure that you have complete control of your vehicle. Beyond these components, the rods, shafts, control arms, bushings, knuckles and joints also help keep the suspension working like it should.

Many front-wheel drive vehicles come with a suspension system that brings the control arms and shock absorbers together into one powerhouse of a unit. This can help eliminate the need for added components in your suspension system. Even though struts might be a little more expensive, they tend to do more than traditional shock absorbers. They are also cheaper to maintain since there aren't as many components involved.

It doesn't matter what needs to be replaced. You can trust in the team of ASE certified technicians at San Francisco Automotive Solutions to step in and get your vehicle taken care of for you in a timely and efficient manner.

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