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The Importance of Transmission Maintenance

Your engine is what powers your car. Your transmission is what makes your car go. If your transmission is not running well, it will affect your vehicle's performance and could lead to bigger problems in the future. It is vital that you take care of your transmission and get regular transmission maintenance.

San Francisco Automotive Solutions (formerly All American Automotive) is your transmission repair and maintenance headquarters in the city. We can handle all of your transmission service needs with proven expertise and genuine commitment to quality customer service. San Francisco Automotive Solutions can help with any minor or major transmission repairs, as well as the following standard maintenance services:

Transmission Fluid

It is important to change out your transmission fluid periodically and to have it checked. We maintain factory-recommended fluid levels and check to make sure there are no leaks or that the transmission fluid it is not burnt. Those can be signs of more significant transmission problems and will definitely affect your vehicle's performance.

Pan Gasket

Replacing the transmission pan is sometimes necessary, but replacing the pan gasket is typically one of the first steps in any standard transmission service. It tends to get worn or cracked with time, so you want to make sure it is replaced regularly to prevent fluid leakage.

Transmission Filter

Dirty transmission filters will cause unnecessary strain on your transmission, which could lead to bigger issues. We inspect and replace old transmission filters to keep your car running well. 


Grime, grease and gunk can build up in your transmission and around the transmission case. Dirty components can definitely cause problems down the road, so part of our routine transmission maintenance is to inspect and clean all the vital transmission parts to remove the build up of these harmful substances.

A healthy transmission leads to a healthier car, so contact San Francisco Automotive Solutions today for a transmission service or any transmission repairs that you need, big or small. Call us at (415) 523-0515.


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