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Signs You Might Have Auto Electric Problems

Your car’s electrical system is very complex and it is very important. Without it, your car simply won’t run. The newer the car, the more complex the electronics will be as computer systems and other features continue to become increasingly advanced. Then, there are hybrid and fully electric vehicles that will use a sophisticated battery and electronics system to actually power your engine.

Needless to say, you want your vehicle’s electrical system to be working properly. Some problems are simple to diagnose and repair. Wires may come loose or connections could get corroded. The battery just may need to be replaced or recharged. Sensors can go bad, as well. When it comes to other electrical issues, things can get more complicated. It takes specialized knowledge and skill (along with some highly technical equipment) to make auto electric repairs. It is typically not something you want to attempt yourself unless you are extremely knowledgeable about cars and your own vehicle’s specific electronics system.

San Francisco Automotive Solutions has a state-of-the-art auto repair facility with the latest equipment. Our technicians are ASE Certified and experienced at dealing with electrical repairs for all types of vehicles. If you notice any of the following common signs of auto electric problems, call San Francisco Automotive Solutions today for expert diagnosis and repairs.

Common signs of auto electric problems:

• Check Engine Light Flashing – This could be an electrical issue or a major engine concern, so you want to have it looked at immediately.

• Other Dashboard Warning Lights – Your vehicle has many different sensors and the dashboard warning lights will provide specific notifications if problems are detected.

• Car Won’t Start – This could be an electrical/battery problem, an engine malfunction or an issue with your starter.

• Smoke or Fire – If you see smoke or fire coming from anywhere in your car, it’s a major concern and could be electrical. Get to a safe place and call for automotive help.

• Other Electrical Malfunctions – If your audio system, power windows, power door locks, interior lights or any other electronic components aren’t working properly, you’ll want to have your electrical system and battery inspected soon.

For all your auto electric repairs and maintenance needs, count on San Francisco Automotive Solutions. Call our shop today at (415) 957-1170 or schedule your next service appointment online.




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