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San Francisco Automotive Solutions Helps Family Decide on Which Car to Buy

May was looking to buy a used car for her son. They were looking at several different cars, but the son was drawn to a late-80s Toyota Cressida. May knew nothing about this type of car and it was older than she was hoping to buy for him, so she wanted to get a second opinion from an expert. May had been a customer of San Francisco Automotive Solutions before when she brought her son's old car, a Toyota Prius, in because of recurring battery issues. Therefore, she knew she could trust us to perform a detailed pre-purchase inspection of this used Cressida.

"Three hours of diagnosis and I got the green light," May says in her Yelp review. "The most important thing is my child's safety. The second if this would be a practical purchase. I was told that it was worth buying and ALL the things that will go wrong in the future and near future. I received a detailed list along with the cost of the repair. By the time they explained everything to me, I felt like I could pass the test for mechanics. Don't laugh, I'm the person that only knows how to put gas in the car, nothing else."

We perform pre-purchase inspections all the time at San Francisco Automotive Solutions (formerly All American Automotive). It's important to have peace of mind before buying a used car. You never know what hidden problems there could be, and it is better to know of something that could be an issue in the future. It will help you make an informed buying decision and negotiate a proper purchase price. We'll gladly perform a full inspection and provide you with a detailed report of everything we find.

"If you're reading this, you are obviously looking for a shop. Stop wasting time, give them a call, make an appointment and bring your car in," May adds in her Yelp review. "I guarantee that you won't be disappointed!!! If I could I'd give them 10 stars and that's the stellar service you will receive EVERY TIME."

Thank for sharing your stories, May. We are always happy to help you and any customer with your automotive service and auto repair needs. Call San Francisco Automotive Solutions today at (415) 523-0515 or schedule your service appointment online.


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