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Earlier this year, a woman named May came to San Francisco Automotive Solutions looking for help with a family car. Her son owns a 2003 Toyota Prius and it was having problems starting up. May was loyal to another mechanic, but was growing increasingly frustrated with the service they were providing.

"I took the car to another mechanic that I've been dealing with for at least 6 years on 3 different occasions," May says. "Each time the car was returned to me with 'there's nothing wrong with it.'"

On her last visit to that shop, May insisted that they change out the battery. At the very least, she didn't want her son being stranded somewhere. All they kept telling her was that the battery was on backorder and wouldn't be available any time soon. She had finally had enough with this mechanic.

In her San Francisco neighborhood, cars had to be moved once a week on street cleaning day. Because the car was still not starting consistently, May had to call AAA to have it towed. This time, however, she sought out a different mechanic. She asked the tow truck driver and he recommended San Francisco Automotive Solutions on Harrison Street. "I called the shop and got Bill, who was very helpful," May says. "We took the car there and asked if he would troubleshoot the starting problem and fix it for is. Bill explained it in a way where I understood. My son has a giant woofer in the trunk and they said it might be the reason why the battery was drained so often."

After some diagnostic testing, it was determined that the battery was a problem. San Francisco Automotive Solutions is a hybrid vehicle specialist, so May was smart to ultimately bring her son's Toyota Prius to our shop. We can detect issues that other mechanics might not be able to. Within a day, a new battery had been ordered and installed in the car. The car also had a flat tire, which the team at San Francisco Automotive Solutions replaced at no additional service charge.

For the team at San Francisco Automotive Solutions, success is all about treating customer right and providing high standards of automotive service and repair. We know that when we do things the right way, we can create customers for life. May now knows that any time any of her family's cars need service, she can bring it to our San Francisco shop and it will be taken care of.

Whether your vehicle needs a new battery, a flat tire fix or any other automotive repair or preventative maintenance, you can always count on the automotive experts at San Francisco Automotive Repair. We've been a part of the San Francisco community for 25 years and we take pride in being a shop that people throughout the Bay Area can trust with their important automotive needs. 



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