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San Francisco Automotive Solutions Helps Customer with Truck Battery Issues

David had over 120,000 miles on his Ford Explorer and was experiencing battery problems. He knew there was a corrosion issue on the terminals. When he asked a friend for advice, the friend suggested that he take his truck to Patrick Banta and San Francisco Automotive Solutions (formerly All American Automotive).

"I got the truck towed in early one weekday morning. I drove home by the end of the day," David remarks. "Pat was incredibly friendly and thorough in his explanation of the problem."

The team at San Francisco Automotive Solutions was able to resolve the battery corrosion issues. We tested and retested the battery to make sure it was working at full power. Then, we were able to get David back on the road in his Ford Explorer without further delays. Car batteries are very sensitive and it is important to have them checked and tested regularly. Corrosion can happen easily (especially with the excessive rain and moisture in the air throughout the Bay Area) and old batteries simply need to be replaced when they die out. 

David was extremely satisfied with his service experience at San Francisco Automotive Solutions, and he knows he can trust us with his vehicle in the future. "I've gone back for a check-up and again got great customer service," he says. "I even received a call a month or two later to find out how things were going and to ask if I was satisfied. My friends and I have been to San Francisco Automotive Solutions multiple times over the past couple years and we have nothing but good things to say."

Thank you David for your feedback. We love hearing back from our customers. If you've been to San Francisco Automotive Solutions recently, please take a few moments to write some comments on our website, on our Facebook page or on Yelp.

If you are experiencing car battery problems or are in need of any other automotive repairs or maintenance services, call San Francisco Automotive Solutions today at (415) 523-0515 or schedule an appointment online.



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