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Taking Care of Your Car Battery During the Rainy Season

There's no doubt we've had a very wet winter in San Francisco. All of the Bay Area and Northern California have been hit pretty hard with heavy rains the past several months. One of the most common effects of rain and increased humidity on your vehicle is putting extra drain on your car battery.

The health and performance of your car battery is always important to monitor because you certainly never want to get stranded or have to call for a jump. Let's look at some reasons why rain can hinder your battery's—and your car's—performance and how to deal with a dying battery.

One thing is pretty easy to check yourself. When there is a lot of extra humidity in the air or any water gets into your battery compartment, it can cause corrosion around the connectors. If you don't know where your car's battery is, refer to your owner's manual or ask someone who does. You can take a quick look at your connections. If they look crusty and corroded, you should have it looked at by an expert.

There are other causes that can add up to increased battery wear during rainy days. There could be more traffic in your daily commute. All that stopping and starting puts extra strain on your alternator, fuel pump and other components operating on battery power. Of course, you'll be using your windshield wipers and headlights more. Timing belts and other rubber belts can get wet and slip, which again requires extra energy expenditure from the battery. It all adds up and regular day-to-day battery usage is compounded by rainy weather.

If you notice your car struggling to start (or it won't fire up at all) this time of year, it could be your battery. Likewise, if your dashboard lights dim or flicker, that could also be a sign.

Don't let your car battery fail you when you need it most. If you think you have battery problems or just want to have it tested, bring your vehicle to the experts at San Francisco Automotive Solutions (formerly All American Automotive) on Harrison Street in the heart of the SoMa District. Our technicians are experts at dealing with battery issues and we'll make sure your battery is performing at peak levels. Schedule a service appointment online or call us today at (415) 523-0515.


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