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San Francisco Automotive Solution Owner Personally Helps Provide Support for Longtime Customer

Miriam is the definition of a loyal customer and we are so grateful to have earned her business at San Francisco Automotive Solutions. We're always happy to work on her car, whether it's routine maintenance or any other auto repair services she needs. Miriam recently took the time to post a detailed review of her feelings about San Francisco Automotive Solutions on Google, and we wanted to share her comments here.

"I have been brining my car to Pat and his team for about 17 years and would not dream of going anywhere else," Miriam writes. "Even now that I moved out of SF, I still drive in to have them work on my car. They are extremely honest, which we all know can be hard to find. They also take the time to explain how things work and why what is happening is happening (if you care to know). More importantly, they go above and beyond."

This is just the first half of Miriam's review talking about her personal appreciation for San Francisco Automotive Solutions (and owner, Patrick Banta) in general. In the second half, she details her most recent experience with our shop. Her car broke down while on a road trip out of town and she didn't have the luxury of bringing it back into the city for proper service from our team. Patrick still did his best to personally help out in the situation and make sure one of our most loyal customers was taken care of.

"I recently had my car break down while on a road trip and had it towed to a local mechanic," Miriam continues. "I texted Pat to let him know and right away he told me what probably had broken. When the local mechanic tried to pass off other work as needed, Pat called him and talked him through what needed to be fixed (and how he should not be trying to take me for unnecessary fixes). It was such a relief to have Pat 'on my team.' I highly recommend them."

Thank you, Miriam, for sharing your story online. We're always happy to be of service and we're here any time you need us for repairs, maintenance or even just support like your most recent situation.

For any car owner that needs help with auto repairs and vehicle maintenance, call San Francisco Automotive Solutions today at (415) 957-1170 or schedule your service appointment online.


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