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San Francisco Automotive Solutions Owner Profile - Patrick Banta

2016 represents the 25-year anniversary for San Francisco Automotive Solutions (formerly All American Automotive). When owner, Patrick Banta, opened the shop in 1991, he had a vision. He wanted to offer the best automotive repair services in the city. He wanted a state-of-the-art repair facility with the latest technology, representing the progressive style of the SOMA District where the shop is located. He wanted to hire exceptional automotive repair experts and customer service professionals. To see San Francisco Automotive Solutions today is to see Patrick's original vision achieved.

To understand what San Francisco Automotive Solutions is all about, it helps to get to know the man behind the business. Patrick has been in the automotive service industry for 35 years. He is a Certified Journeyman Technician and Certified Master Technician. He has an associate's degree in Automotive Technology, as well as a bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics and Accounting. Patrick's understanding of automotive technology and his natural business acumen formed an ideal combination. He always knew he wanted to run his own shop.

Patrick's primary duties as the shop owner these days are centered around making sure the business is running smoothly. Whether it's bookkeeping, public relations, marketing, customer service, government affairs or human resources, he is overseeing it all to keep the shop running at maximum capacity. What he likes most about his job is helping people. "I consider all of our customers as part of my extended family," Patrick says. "There is a great deal of satisfaction that comes when you help another person and make their life a little easier."

Growing up, Patrick always had a passion for technology and trying to understand how things work. He especially remembers driving around in cars from the 50s, 60s and 70s that were typically unreliable. Back then, you had to have at least a basic understanding of how your automobiles functioned. You had to be ready to make your own minor repairs or replace parts. It was just part of life, but it instilled Patrick with a love for fixing cars. 

Patrick was born and raised in San Francisco. Today, he enjoys life in the city with his three children. From his hobbies to his career, automotive-related technology will always captivate him. Patrick created an app called Tipsy Tow to help drunk drivers (and their cars) get a safe ride home. He partnered with AAA for this service that tows over 130,000 drunk drivers a year for free. Patrick also developed, a service that uses SMS to send text messages that connect customers with various services. 

Patrick Banta is a great example of a forward-thinking individual who made his American Dream come true when he started All American Automotive back in 1991 and it continues to thrive to this day as San Francisco Automotive Solutions. 

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