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6 Signs of Exhaust System Failure

Not everybody realizes just how important your exhaust system is to the overall health and performance of your car. It diverts harmful fumes and toxins away from your engine before burning them off to produce safer and cleaner emissions per California law. If your exhaust system is not performing correctly, it can lead to major engine damage and carbon monoxide build-ups inside the vehicle that can literally be deadly for you and your passengers.

Here are some signs of exhaust problems that you can be on the lookout for:

1. Check Engine Light

Obviously, your check engine light can come on for any number of reasons and a failing exhaust may be one of them. It’s a good idea to get your vehicle tested and inspected by an expert mechanic any time your check engine light comes on.

2. Loud Acceleration

If you press on the gas pedal and the car seems like it is getting loud every time you try to accelerate, it may be the sign of an exhaust system problem. The muffler is often the most likely culprit in this case.

3. Funny Smells

If you are driving and you get an unusually strong exhaust smell or some other strange smell, it’s something you will want to deal with as soon as possible. Unusual smells can be symptoms of various automotive problems and you never want to risk carbon monoxide poisoning in the case of an exhaust leak.

4. Poor Fuel Efficiency

Your exhaust system can greatly impact your car’s overall fuel efficiency. If you notice that your mileage is really dropping off, you should have your vehicle looked at by an expert.

5. Vibrations and Rattling Noises

If you notice heavy vibrations or hear rattling noises, it could be an exhaust issue (often the catalytic converter) or something else with your engine or transmission that you don’t want to ignore.

6. Car Losing Power

Your car may feel sluggish and just isn’t running with the power that you are used to. This is commonly an effect of an exhaust system problem.

If you are in the Bay Area and experiencing any of these exhaust system issues or other automotive concerns, San Francisco Automotive Solutions is here to help. We have expert auto repair technicians and we use the latest technology. We can get to the source of any problem and get it fixed for you at a fair price.

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