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The Importance of Your Catalytic Converter

In 1975, catalytic converters officially became a requirement on all commercial and passenger vehicles. Even before that, they were used in many cars and trucks to improve performance and decrease emissions. California is obviously one of the country’s strictest states when it comes to DMV emissions standards, so it is very important that your catalytic converter is doing its job.

What the Catalytic Converter Does

The catalytic converter is a key component of your vehicle’s overall exhaust system. As toxic gasses and fumes are expelled from your engine, they are run through the catalytic converter. It essentially burns off as much of the toxic elements as possible before the exhaust fumes are ultimately sent out your tail pipe(s).

Signs of Catalytic Converter and Exhaust System Problems

If you have a failing catalytic converter or any other exhaust system issues such as pipe leaks, bad muffler or exhaust manifold damage, it can lead to bad things. Your vehicle’s emissions won’t be as good, the car won’t perform as well and you can even risk deadly carbon monoxide gasses getting into the passenger cabin.

Here are a few signs you can look for if your catalytic converter or other exhaust system components are failing:

• Check engine light is on

• Vehicle won’t start

• Engine is misfiring

• Reduced fuel economy

• Failure of smog test

• More prominent exhaust smells

• Vibrating or rattling noises

• Vehicle is not accelerating like usual

If your catalytic converter isn’t working properly or you have any exhaust system problems, call the auto repair experts at San Francisco Automotive Solutions. The signs listed above may be exhaust issues, but they could also be something else you want to have looked at by a professional automotive technician. We’ll get to the source of the problem and make the repairs you need to pass your emissions requirements and keep your vehicle performing at its best.

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