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Why is it So Bumpy When I Drive? It Could Be a Suspension Problem.

There are times when it seems like you can feel every single bump and vibration on the road while you are driving. This is commonly a sign that you have a suspension issue. This symptom can also be associated with wheel alignment, brakes and tires, so it's a good idea to get your vehicle inspected by a professional mechanic like the leading auto repair technicians at San Francisco Automotive Solutions.

Get a Suspension Inspection

When it comes to suspension problems, it is often something relatively minor. When your ride starts feeling bumpy or there are a lot of vibrations when you drive (whether at low or high speeds), it's worthwhile to have your car looked at by someone who can properly identify the problem. There may be a loose component or a hydraulic fluid leak. Sometimes you can look underneath your car and see that the shocks or struts are very greasy or dirty. This is another common sign that you need some suspension repairs. 

What Repairs Might Be Needed?

If the shocks or struts are getting worn out, the recommendation from any good mechanic will be to replace them. Like most automotive parts, the suspension components will wear out over time with regular driving. San Francisco has a lot of hills and tight corners, along with bumpy old streets, alleys and trolley tracks. When you drive a lot in this city, it definitely puts plenty of strain on your suspension system, brakes, wheels and tires. It's easy for things to wear out or get jostled out of place.

San Francisco Suspension Repair Services

San Francisco Automotive Solutions is here to help you with all your suspension inspection, repair and maintenance needs. We can pinpoint any problems and recommend the necessary services to get your suspension feeling like new again. You deserve a smooth ride and you don't want a minor suspension issue leading to other problems in the vehicle. It's better to get it fixed now instead of waiting for things to get much, much worse.

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