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What You Need to Know About Hybrid Vehicle Maintenance

We work on a lot of hybrid and electric vehicles here at San Francisco Automotive Solutions. You might even say we’re a hybrid specialist because we have the technology, training and experience to deal with these more advanced cars.

Standard Maintenance Procedures

Most people generally assume that owning a hybrid or electric vehicle will result in more complex maintenance programs. Though there are definitely a few extra things to take care of, the basics hybrid vehicle maintenance doesn’t really differ that much from standard vehicles. You still need regular oil changes, brake inspections, tire rotations, fluid checks and transmission services.

Full Hybrid Vehicles

Still, we want to look at a few of the things you will want to know about maintaining a hybrid vehicle. First, you must understand that there are different types of hybrid engine systems out there. This article will focus primarily on what we would consider “full hybrid” vehicles. A full hybrid will have the ability to completely shut off its internal combustion (gasoline) engine and operate solely on the electric motor under certain conditions. This saves on gas, as well as general wear and tear on the regular engine.

More Sophisticated Systems

Many full hybrids will use regenerative braking systems that will actually recharge the battery as it reduces wear on the brake components. Needless to say, hybrid vehicles have much more sophisticated drivetrain and computer systems that will need to be looked at during maintenance visits.

This may include specialized heating and cooling systems specifically for the electric drive motor, along with secondary voltage systems that can produce a lot more electricity than standard battery systems. Dealing with these electrical components can be tricky and also dangerous, so it’s a good idea to leave that work to trained automotive technicians with hybrid/electric vehicle experience.

San Francisco's Hybrid Specialists

If you own a hybrid or electric vehicle, just know that it will require some specialized care and you don’t want to trust that work to just any old auto shop. San Francisco Automotive Solutions has specially trained technicians and the latest diagnostics and repair equipment in our state-of-the-art automotive facility. We can provide standard maintenance programs, in addition to troubleshooting and repairs if there are problems with your hybrid vehicle.

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