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What to Do if Your Car Has an Exhaust Leak

An exhaust leak is a serious problem. It's bad for the environment. It's bad for your car (especially the engine). And, it can be really bad for the health of anyone in or around your car. At the first sign of an exhaust leak, you should take your vehicle to an auto repair specialist like San Francisco Automotive Solutions for a proper diagnosis and expert repairs.

From the exhaust manifold and catalytic converter to the muffler and all connecting exhaust pipes, a leak can happen anywhere along the way when a part becomes damaged, weakened or rusted—or if there is a loose connection between components. 

There are a few telltale signs of an exhaust leak (or other exhaust problems) that will let you know it's time to get the vehicle checked out by a professional. Here's what you can look for:

Strong Exhaust Smells

If you notice the smell of exhaust being much more prominent than usual, then you might have an exhaust leak. Breathing in these fumes filled with carbon monoxide can be deadly, so you do not want to waste any time in getting the vehicle's exhaust system inspected.

Rattling or Vibrating

Another common sign of an exhaust problem is a distinct rattling noise or excessive vibration. This is usually caused by a failing catalytic converter.

Hissing or Popping

Unusual sounds you might notice include a loud hissing noise or "pops" when you accelerate the car. These are commonly associated with exhaust leaks and other exhaust system problems.

Check Engine Light

If your check engine light comes on, it can mean any number of things. However, the exhaust system (often the catalytic converter or a failing oxygen sensor) is one of the most common culprits.

Loss of Gas Mileage

Another sign of exhaust issues is when the car experiences a significant loss in gas mileage. There can be multiple causes for this, but the exhaust system will definitely be a prime suspect.

If you notice any of these signs (or more than one), then don't wait to bring your vehicle into San Francisco Automotive Solutions for a thorough inspection and quality repairs backed by warranty. Whether it's an exhaust leak or some other exhaust problem, you do not want to take any chances that it will lead to major internal engine damage or affect your health. 

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