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Watch Out for the Oil Pressure Warning Light

Everybody knows about the “check engine” light on their dashboard. And depending on the sophistication of your car’s computer and the warning light display itself, that light will have some subtleties you need to understand. In most cases, a flashing check engine light means it’s an extremely urgent problem and you should try to get off the road immediately.

Understanding Your Warning Lights

In addition to the check engine light, all vehicles will have various warning lights and sensors connected to the car’s computer. They are there to provide specific warnings that you will need to understand. We’re talking about coolant temperature, low tire pressure, battery, automatic braking system, seatbelt, airbags, low gas, and so on. Whenever you get a new vehicle, you should take the time to go through the manual and know which light is which.

However, there is one other very serious light that should be paid attention to on the same level as the check engine light—if not more. If you ever see the oil pressure warning light come on, it’s not a good sign. A lot of people see this light come on and think that the car is just warning them that the oil level is low or the car is just due for an oil change. These may be true and you will want to study your owner’s manual to understand the different colors or flashes that may represent different oil pressure issues.

What if the Light is Red and/or Flashing?

If this light comes on and it is red and/or flashing, though, that means the problem is very urgent and you need to get off the road immediately. Shut off your vehicle and call for help. The red or flashing oil pressure light means your engine has lost oil pressure and that is a scary circumstance. If you continue trying to drive without oil pressure, there is a chance you will blow out your engine. That is not a chance you will want to take.

Obviously, a blown-out engine can be a major safety hazard while you are driving because you could lose all control of the vehicle, or you might even encounter fire or an explosion. Even if you are able to make it to your destination without the oil pressure, you could do irreparable damage to your engine.

Don’t Risk More Damage Than You Already Have

The cost to replace, rebuild or make major repairs your engine is quite expensive, so that thought should cross your mind if you ever see the oil pressure warning light or the check engine light come on. Don’t take chances and arrange for professional auto repair help as soon as possible before a small issue compounds into a major, expensive engine problem.

If any of your warning lights come on and you need help diagnosing and repairing the problem with your vehicle, call San Francisco Automotive Solutions today at (415) 957-1170 or book your appointment online.


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