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VW Owner Gets Cooling System Repairs at San Francisco Automotive Solutions

Shaun owns a Volkswagen Golf that he's had for a while. Recently, the engine began overheating and that was obviously cause for concern. Shaun turned to Pat and Bill at San Francisco Automotive Solutions for an expert diagnosis and repairs.

"Excellent work," Shaun writes in his Google review. "My 9-year-old VW Golf was overheating and Bill here brought it back to life. The work was guaranteed, so when I identified 2 minor issues that I felt while driving it, I brought it back. They put in the time and expertise to make it drive 'better than it ever has' now."

Any number of issues can cause a car to overheat. It may be the head gasket or water pump. It could be a crack in the radiator or some other problem within the vehicle's cooling system. An overheating engine is no joke, so you don't want to ignore it or it can lead to much bigger engine problems that will be extremely expensive to repair. 

Shaun put his trust in the foreign vehicle auto repair specialists at San Francisco Automotive Solutions, and he was glad he made the choice. The work was covered under our warranty, so he was taken care of when he needed to come back in for a couple of additional minor adjustments to his cooling system. Now, his VW is running better than ever!

"They do great work and stand behind it," Shaun adds. "Highly recommended. Also Pat's knowledge, customer care and follow-up communication is top notch. I was going to another place for service, but found they constantly would not pick up the phone when I needed them. Not this place. They are always available via text."

When you want honest service and dependable communication from your Bay Area auto repair shop, follow Shaun's advice and turn to the pros at San Francisco Automotive Solutions. Call us today at (415) 957-1170 or schedule your service appointment online.


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