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Volvo Owner Appreciates "First Rate" Service from San Francisco Automotive Solutions

Michele was visiting San Francisco and just about to head home to Los Angeles when she started having problems with her Volvo. The car wouldn't start no matter what she tried. Michele searched around to find a reputable auto repair shop in the city and she discovered San Francisco Automotive Solutions.

"I contacted Patrick [Banta, owner of San Francisco Automotive Solutions] and he was so helpful," Michele writes in her Google review. "He offered to take a look at that car and they got me on the road." 

When a car doesn't start, there are usually several common culprits we will look at. The battery, alternator, starter, spark plugs, fuel pump and electrical/wiring system are typically the most likely sources of this kind of failure, so we will inspect each component and determine what the source of the issue is. If it is not one of these, then the technicians at San Francisco Automotive Solutions will dig deeper. Sometimes, a car won't start because of internal engine damage or something else that requires a more in-depth diagnosis and repairs. 

After an initial inspection of Michele's car, the team at San Francisco Automotive Solutions was able to determine the problem and fix it. Fortunately, it was a common repair that was able be done quickly. Once the Volvo was able to start again, it was road tested to ensure there were no further issues. Then, Michele was able to get back on the road.

"They were so friendly and helpful, and I made it back to LA safely," Michele adds. "I am very grateful to Patrick and Ryan at San Francisco Automotive Solutions for their help. They are first rate!"

Thank you, Michele, for putting your trust in San Francisco Automotive Solutions and we are glad you were able to make it all the way home safely with no further issues starting the vehicle. And, thank you for sharing your feedback on Google. We encourage all our customers to write reviews!

No matter what your automotive repair or maintenance needs, you can count on the team at San Francisco Automotive Solutions to get the job done right. Call our shop today at (415) 957-1170 or schedule your service appointment online.


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