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Vehicle Inspections at San Francisco Automotive Solutions

Whether you want a bumper-to-bumper inspection of your entire vehicle or just a certain part or system looked over for damage, San Francisco Automotive Solutions has you covered. Our ASE Certified technicians can perform a thorough inspection, run diagnostics and provide you with a detailed inspection report that explains any findings. Then, our service staff will be happy to walk through the report with you and answer any questions you have.

The Inspection Process

There are many different types of automotive inspections that can be done. This may include computer diagnostic testing that reveals specific fault codes in certain vehicle systems that may be worth inspecting further. Then, there are external inspections and internal inspections. An external inspection means that things can be looked at without having to take anything apart. An internal inspection means there is potential internal damage that needs to be looked at by removing affected parts or dismantling components that aren't performing properly. 

Reasons for Needing a Vehicle Inspection

There are any number of reasons why you might want to get an automotive inspection performed at San Francisco Automotive Solutions:

Pre-Purchase (or Pre-Sale) Used Vehicle Inspection

• Standard Preventative Maintenance

• Troubleshooting When a Vehicular Problem is Noticed

• Inspection Prior to Vehicle Shipping or Long Distance Drive

• Vehicle or Parts Inspection Before a Warranty Expires

Vehicle Inspections at San Francisco Automotive Solutions

When you bring your vehicle into San Francisco Automotive Solutions for any kind of inspection, you can rest assured that we take our time to look everything over and run the necessary tests. If there are any problems, we will let you know exactly what they are in the final inspection report. Some issues may require more urgent repairs while others may be something that could affect the vehicle's performance in the future. The report will help you make informed decisions as you prioritize your maintenance and repairs.

If you think there may be something wrong with your vehicle, let the automotive experts at San Francisco Automotive Solutions perform an inspection and get to the bottom of the issue. Even if you don't know of anything wrong, it's a good idea to get your car inspected every so often as part of a preventative maintenance plan. This way, you can catch problems before they happen and help prevent major repairs.

For all your Bay Area vehicle inspection needs, call or text San Francisco Automotive Solutions at (415) 957-1170 or schedule your service appointment online.


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