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Transmission Fluid Leak? Get it Checked Out as Soon as Possible.

Just as your motor oil provides lubrication throughout the vital engine components, so too does the transmission fluid. That's why it is also commonly referred to as transmission oil. Your transmission is a complex system of gears, valves and other components that transfer power from the engine and control the speed of your vehicle. When your transmission fails, you won't be driving anywhere.

What to Do if There's a Transmission Fluid Leak

A transmission fluid leak is one of the most common first signs of transmission problems. Transmission fluid is generally bright red in color, so it is fairly easy to identify if you notice a leak underneath your vehicle. You can also check the fluid reservoir in most vehicles with the designated dipstick (though some newer vehicles with CVT transmissions won't have a transmission dipstick). If the fluid is low or dirty/burned, then that's another sign of transmission issues. Be very careful if you are refilling transmission fluid yourself. Different types of transmissions require different fluids, so don't put any new fluid in unless you know exactly what you are doing!

Common Causes of Transmission Fluid Leaks

Most transmission fluid leaks are caused by worn pan gaskets, weak lines and other damaged seals. Some severe cases might reveal a crack in the transmission housing itself or another component. Any transmission fluid leak is a cause for concern, so you will want to have a professional mechanic perform a proper inspection of the transmission and drivetrain system. 

In many cases, you may just need a standard transmission service to replace the filter, pan gasket and fluid. If more significant damage is found, then more significant transmission repairs may be required. Either way, it is best not to wait. At the first sign of a transmission fluid leak or any other transmission performance problems, you should get it looked at. Otherwise, you run the risk of major transmission damage, which will obviously be very expensive to repair or replace.

San Francisco Transmission Repairs & Maintenance

For all your Bay Area transmission inspection, repair and maintenance needs, turn to San Francisco Automotive Solutions. Call/text our shop today at (415) 957-1170 or schedule your service appointment online.



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