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Taking Care of Your Car's Suspension

Your vehicle's suspension system is very important. It directly affects the handling of the car when driving. It also greatly impacts your comfort and safety as a driver. The good news about your suspension is that when it does have problems, you can usually feel that something is wrong. You might hear strange noises or you can just feel when it's not handling like normal.

If you think your car might have suspension problems, you'll want to bring it into an expert like San Francisco Automotive Solutions (formerly All American Automotive). Our ASE Certified automotive technicians can inspect your suspension and perform any maintenance services or suspension repairs that are required. We'll get you back on the road for a safer and more comfortable ride.

Suspension Components

There are many different components to your suspension. You have shocks and struts, and then you have the springs that may be of coil or leaf design. Most modern vehicles will have coil springs while many older vehicles will use leaf springs. After market air-ride suspension systems are even more complex and require specialized knowledge to service and repair. San Francisco Automotive Solutions has all types of suspension systems covered. 

Other suspension components include shock absorbers, torsion bars, rods, control arms, shafts, bearings and various joints. All need to be in good working order and doing their jobs for the best possible ride. It's a good idea to get your suspension system inspected regularly and parts repaired or replaced when they are showing signs of wear. If anything should fail when driving, it can be very dangerous.

Custom Suspension Repairs and Installation

San Francisco Automotive Solutions also helps customers with a lot of suspension system upgrades, aftermarket installations and custom performance components. For the best results on any custom suspension work, you'll want to trust your vehicle with an expert. The team at San Francisco Automotive Solutions will get the job done right and you'll feel the difference when the work is done by professionals.

Your Suspension Experts

For all your suspension inspection, maintenance and repair needs, contact San Francisco Automotive Solutions today at (415) 523-0515 or schedule a service appointment online.


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