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San Francisco Automotive Solutions Helps Out Customer in Need

Sebastian experienced a flat tire while he was driving through San Francisco on a road trip. Being a AAA member, he called for roadside assistance and they recommended San Francisco Automotive Solutions because it was the closest auto repair shop to his current location.

"I called before they took me there to see if they do tire repairs," Sebastian writes in his Yelp review. "I was told that they really don't do that as a general rule because they are not a tire shop. Fortunately, they had a few minutes free in their day and said for me to come on by."

Unfortunately, Sebastian's tire was damaged beyond repair because he apparently ran over something that pretty much shredded the rubber. San Francisco Automotive Solutions is not necessarily a tire specialty shop, though we handle balancing, flat repair and mounting of custom wheels/tires. That said, we don't keep too many new tire sets in stock and we did not have an exact match for Sebastian's car. Of course, we weren't going to sell him something that wasn't a perfect match for his vehicle.

"I asked them to please mount my spare tire and I'd find some place to get some tires," Sebastian continues. "They recommended some makes of tire for me, and when I went to pick up my car, they didn't charge me anything for all the trouble they'd gone through. Amazing in this day and age!"

Ultimately, it just wouldn't feel right to charge Sebastian for inspecting his damaged tire and putting on his spare. We knew he was in a tough situation, so we helped out the best we could and got him back on the road with proper tire recommendations. However, we were happy to take the time to help out Sebastian during his time of need, and we always appreciate any recommendations from AAA and other roadside assistance services. 

"Outstanding service, very friendly," Sebastian concludes. "If I lived in San Francisco, this is where I'd take my ride for service. Thanks guys!"

Thank you, Sebastian, for sharing your story and we're glad to hear everything worked out with your new tires. If you are ever in San Francisco again and in need of automotive maintenance or repairs, you know we'll be here to help.

Whether you live in San Francisco or just happen to be driving through, San Francisco Automotive Solutions is the name to know when it comes to auto repair in the Bay Area. Call us today at (415) 957-1170 or schedule your service appointment online.


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