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San Francisco Automotive Solutions Helps Customer Install New Suspension System

Wayne was concerned about his Lincoln Town Car. He knew the air suspension system in the car had gone out and was worried that it would be expensive to repair or replace. That's when he reached out to San Francisco Automotive Solutions for guidance.

"My first contact with Patrick [Banta] was over the phone seeking information," Wayne says. "I was calling around just asking questions. After explaining my situation, Patrick gave me options and explained an approximate cost guesstimation on replacing the system. He then went on to tell me about a conversion kit that could save a substantial amount of money."

When Patrick brought up the conversion kit idea, he also let Wayne know that he wasn't sure if that kit was still available. Wayne did further research and was able to track down the conversion kit to fit his Lincoln Town Car. It consisted of two coil springs and four shock absorbers. Again, he contacted San Francisco Automotive Solutions for advice and information about installing this kit.

"This time I spoke with Bela, another Master Technician, and was informed this was what I wanted and San Francisco Automotive Solutions had experience in installing these conversion kits," Wayne says. "I ordered the conversion kit, had my car towed to San Francisco Automotive Solutions, finally met Patrick and Bela in person, and had the work done. The job was performed in one day."

In the end, Wayne was very pleased with the professional advice and excellent automotive service he received at San Francisco Automotive Solutions. He found the price to be much more reasonable than he anticipated, and now his Town Car rides smoothly on the upgraded suspension system that we were able to install for him.

Wayne's story is just another example of our commitment to quality service at San Francisco Automotive Solutions. We care about our customers and make sure their cars get back on the road safely. Just ask Wayne:

"Patrick and Bela took the time to supply the information I needed to make an informed decision regardless of whether they got the business or I went some place else," Wayne concludes. "They truly are Master Technicians. I'll be back when I need automotive work done in the future. Thanks Patrick!!!"


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