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San Francisco Automotive Solutions Helps Customer in Her Time of Need

Lindsay was in a tough situation. She was on her way home to San Jose when she got a flat tire in the city. She absolutely had to get the car home that night, so she turned to San Francisco Automotive Solutions for help. Lindsay was glad she called this shop, as you can see in her recent Yelp review.

"I came to SF Automotive Solutions with a flat tire and a tight schedule," Lindsay writes. "Pat [Banta, owner] and his team were incredibly helpful the entire way through. As soon as I called to inquire, he went ahead and ordered a replacement tire, just in case it couldn't be patched, to help guarantee I could get the car home to San Jose that evening. I hadn't even shown up yet!"

Though fixing flat tires isn't really one of our services we do often, we understand when a customer is in need and we are going to do everything we can to help them out. In Lindsay's case, it was clear she was in a hurry and needed our help.

With a flat tire, you never know how bad the damage is until it's properly inspected and tested. It could be something that's fixed quickly with a simple patch job, or the tire may have to be replaced if the damage is significant. Since Lindsay hadn't gotten to the shop yet, the San Francisco Automotive Solutions team played it safe by ordering the replacement tire in advance—just in case the flat couldn't be fixed. This kind of preparation and forward thinking is what makes this one of the city's most trusted auto shops.

"Once I got there, he and his team were very informative and clearly communicated everything the whole way through," Lindsay adds. "They are definitely professional and quite good at what they do—offering additional insight and advice beyond what the job would require. I appreciated his flexibility in accommodating my needs and definitely felt well taken care of! You are in good hands with them. If I lived in SF, I'd be a regular."

Thank you, Lindsay, for sharing your story and writing such a wonderful review on Yelp. We were happy to help and we're glad to hear that you made it home safely to San Jose that evening.

For anyone in the San Francisco area in need of automotive repairs—whether it's an emergency fix or just a repair you've been putting off—San Francisco Automotive Solutions is here to help with expert auto technicians and friendly service advisors. Call us today at (415) 957-1170 or schedule your service appointment online.


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