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Repeat Customer Only Trusts His Jeep with San Francisco Automotive Solutions

James knew his older vehicle would be a challenge for some automotive repair shops, but that didn't stop him from buying his beloved Jeep. "For some insane reason I bought a 30+ year old Jeep to use as a daily driver and San Francisco Automotive Solutions [All American Automotive] were the only the garage that would even hear me out about the work needed," James explains in his recent review posted on both Yelp and Google. "Pat and his team have been phenomenal in the two years that I have known them. They've consistently over-impressed."

Over the past two years, David has brought his Jeep into San Francisco Automotive Solutions numerous times. From some significant repairs and parts replacements to routine maintenance services such as oil changes and tire rotations, we have always taken care of his needs. Working on an older car like this always requires a little extra attention and care, but the San Francisco Automotive Solutions team thrives on unique challenges such as this. James's Jeep is always fun to work on.

"They charge a really fair price. I've never had any issues with the work done after I've driven off—or that classic 'something else breaks days later," James says. "They've just overhauled most of the engine and ignition, and Pat took the time to talk me through what was needed and why before getting on with it."

James' story exemplifies the dedication and quality with which we approach every automotive service and repair performed at San Francisco Automotive Solutions. Our team of automotive repair experts and technicians is top-notch and our repair facility utilizes the latest technology. Our goal is to provide the best service around, so it always feels good to get positive reviews from satisfied customers like James. He knows he can always count on us to help with his Jeep.

"Couldn't speak more highly of them, especially in SF...a city of overpriced and under-quality everything!" James concludes in his review.

No matter what type of car you drive, from classic cars to high-performance sports cars to hybrids and everything in between, turn to San Francisco Automotive Solutions (formerly known as All American Automotive) for all of your auto repair and service needs. Contact us today.


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