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Reasons Why Your Car Might Be Pulling Left or Right

When you are driving straight down the highway, does your car tend to pull to one side or the other? When you are making a turn, is the car handling strange with a noticeable pull left or right? Is your steering wheel way off center?

If you answer yes to any of those questions, there is something that isn't right in your vehicle. In most cases, it's a simple wheel alignment issue, but the car pulling hard to one side can actually be a sign of a number of different automotive problems. At San Francisco Automotive Solutions, we like our customers to have as much information as possible, so this article will cover some of the most common culprits for left or right vehicle pull.

Wheel Alignment

This is the most likely cause for this problem. Your wheel alignment may just be off. It happens commonly and things just naturally tend to get out of alignment over time. It's a good idea to periodically get a wheel alignment check for your vehicle at a service center and then have it realigned as needed.

Wheels & Tires

One or more of your tires may be low on air pressure or the tire treads could be uneven. You may also have a bad wheel bearing or loose bolt that is causing one of the wheels to pull the car out of alignment.


You may have a damaged brake component, a seized up caliper or unevenly worn brake pads/rotors. If you notice the pull when you are braking or when you are accelerating as you release the brake pedal, these are telltale signs of the brakes being the problem.


Like the brakes, a component within the suspension system could be damaged or malfunctioning, which will cause one side of the car to pull.


The differential controls the power being sent to each wheel, so if it isn't working right the car will likely pull to one side or the other.

Power Steering

You may also have a power steering issue that is causing your lack of alignment. If the car really struggles when cornering or the steering wheel is way off center, it's worth getting the power steering system looked at.

These are just a few of the most common sources of the car pulling unnecessarily left or right. If you notice that your car isn't driving straight or your cornering is a struggle, bring your vehicle into San Francisco Automotive Solutions for a professional inspection. We can determine the source of the problem and recommend the right repairs. As with any automotive issue, it's better to deal with this kind of concern early on—before it develops into something much more significant and costly to repair.

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