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Jeep Owner Turns to San Francisco Automotive Solutions for Aftermarket Upgrades and Repairs

Jonathan purchased a used Jeep Wrangler a little while back. The previous owner of the vehicle had installed an aftermarket 4-inch lift kit, and that's one of the reasons he decided to buy this particular vehicle. However, as Jonathan started experiencing some problems, he knew he had to find a Bay Area auto shop that he could trust for repairs and maintenance. That's when he turned to San Francisco Automotive Solutions.

"While the Jeep is in great shape, maintenance on a vehicle with modified aftermarket parts is not for the faint of heart," Jonathan says. "No matter what problem I have encountered, the team at San Francisco Automotive Solutions has always been up to the task, often diving in to research custom parts and always getting the job done."

Jonathan is right in saying that dealing with aftermarket customizations is not always easy. If parts were installed incorrectly or things aren't 100% compatible with the original vehicle, you will likely experience problems. At San Francisco Automotive Solutions, we've helped many people like Jonathan who need help resolving custom component issues. Whether it's fixing someone else's mistake or redoing the installation and tuning correctly, we make sure things work as well as possible.

The best-case scenario is when someone comes to us first to help with aftermarket parts installations and performance upgrades. Then, we can make sure the right parts are selected and installed properly for the best results. Still, you can never be perfectly sure that there won't be issues with a untested aftermarket component, but we are always here to help if further repairs or adjustments are needed.

"To put this in perspective, many other shops I tried before finding San Francisco Automotive Solutions simply would not work on the vehicle," Jonathan adds. "I can't recommend the team enough and would encourage you to visit them for problems big and small."

Thank you for the feedback, Jason. We have been happy to help you with your Jeep.

For anyone in the Bay Area needing help with aftermarket automotive components or any type of automotive repair or maintenance services, count on the experts at San Francisco Automotive Solutions. Call us today at (415) 957-1170 or schedule your service appointment online.


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