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Inspections and Diagnostics - Why You Can't Have One Without the Other

A good mechanic will use a combination of computer diagnostic testing and physical vehicle inspections to produce the most accurate results. You really wouldn't want to have one without the other when it comes to determining exactly what's wrong with your vehicle. 

Some auto parts stores may offer a "free" diagnostic test with a simple device. It may produce some fault codes that might give you an idea of what the problem is. Every once in awhile, you may luck out and it may be something very simple to replace. That may only be a temporary "Band-Aid" fix, however.

Diagnostics at San Francisco Automotive Solutions

At San Francisco Automotive Solutions, we use very sophisticated diagnostics equipment. It helps narrow down what the problem(s) might be. However, until you really get in there and look at things, the diagnostics aren't really going to tell you everything. Diagnostics are the first step of most inspection processes. The fault codes uncovered in the diagnostic tests help our technicians dig deeper and get to the true source of any automotive problem with a thorough inspection.

Vehicle Inspections at San Francisco Automotive Solutions

Inspections are performed by expert mechanics who know what to look for and can troubleshoot specific automotive failures. Through a skilled combination of diagnostics and physical inspection, they can determine exactly what's wrong. This means any individual parts that have failed and need to be replaced. This means any poor connections or minor issues that need to be rectified. This means major damage that requires significant repair. Whether the problem is big or small, it's very important to determine the source of the failure and the extent of the damage. Then, accurate repair recommendations can be made.

If you are experiencing automotive issues, you need an expert on your side. San Francisco Automotive Solutions offers high-tech diagnostic testing along with professional vehicle inspections from highly trained auto repair technicians. This combination ensures accurate results.

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