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Hyundai Owner Appreciates "Wonderful" Service at San Francisco Automotive Solutions

Pamela is a Hyundai owner. She noticed that her car was developing a strange noise that was a mix between a squeak and a rattle. Over time, the sound got louder and louder, and Pamela knew she finally had to do something about it. So, she brought her car into San Francisco Automotive Solutions for an inspection and repairs. Pamela was so pleased with her service experience at our shop that she posted a review on both Yelp and Google.

"Best auto repair service ever!!" Pamela writes. "I was blown away by the wonderful comprehensive service."

After the expert auto repair technicians of San Francisco Automotive Solutions took some time to inspect the vehicle and uncover the source of this strange noise. During this process, some additional issues were discovered and brought to Pamela's attention.

"Bill explained to me the probable causes (a loose belt) including a video showing me how the belt works (or when it doesn't) with the exact sound my car made—bingo, problem identified!" Pamela adds. "He also discovered a leaking water pump and was able to fix it all in one day. So grateful!!!"

When a customer brings a vehicle into our shop, we believe in being as thorough as possible. Oftentimes, an automotive problem will compound. One faulty part can lead to other issues. That's why it's important to get your car looked at by a professional mechanic at the first sign of trouble. A simple fix early on can usually prevent significant damage from happening later. In Pamela's case, fixing a loose belt and repairing a leaking water pump was much less expensive than having to make major engine or cooling system repairs in the future if these minor problems weren't addressed as soon as possible.

"I really appreciated Bill's patience in answering my questions and providing clear explanations," Pamela concludes. "And he even washed the car to boot! I met Pat [Banta, owner] when I came to pick up my car, and he reviewed my charges, explained thoroughly—so appreciate this great customer service. Both Pat and Bill made me feel like a very valued customer, thank you. I will most definitely be back, highly recommended!!"

Thanks for sharing your feedback, Pamela. We were happy to help and we'll be here whenever you need automotive repairs or maintenance for your Hyundai or any other vehicles you own.

For anyone in the Bay Area in need of auto repairs, turn to the city's automotive experts at San Francisco Automotive Solutions. Call today at (415) 957-1170 or book your appointment online.


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