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How Bay Area Weather Can Affect Your Car

Living and working in the Bay Area is great. We love it here in San Francisco, which is why we are proud to have our auto repair facility located right in the heart of the city’s vibrant SoMa District. Living in this area certainly has its perks. At the same time, the local climate between the ocean and the bay can make life tougher on your car.

At San Francisco Automotive Solutions, here are some of the most common automotive issues we see because of all the salt and moisture in our air:

Paint Damage and Rust

Between the salt and all the moisture we have from fog, rain, overnight dew and often-overcast skies, it can really impact your paint over time. Rust may also be a concern, especially in older vehicles.


Excess moisture and salt can also corrode various materials used throughout the vehicle. Oftentimes, it’s the smaller parts that are most affected. Fan/timing belts, door and window seals, gaskets, fluid lines, brake pads, tires and other rubber or plastic components can become damaged over time with exposure to the elements. Moisture can cause belts to slip and materials to weaken.

The same goes for connecting nuts and bolts and other components. Spark plugs, electronic wiring, battery connectors, motor mounts, brake calipers, shock springs and more can be damaged by so much salty moisture in the air.

Preventative Maintenance

The newer the vehicle, the better materials and coatings will be used to protect against the elements. However, these are issues you always want to be on the lookout for. San Francisco Automotive Solutions can keep your vehicle on a regular maintenance plan, where issues like corrosion and rust will be regularly inspected along with all vital automotive systems and components.

If you think there is any kind of problem with your car, call or text San Francisco Automotive Solutions today at (415) 957-1170. Or, if you want to prevent problems with your car, contact us about setting up an ongoing preventative maintenance plan that will include scheduled oil changes, tire rotations, brake services and multi-point vehicle inspections. You can also book your appointment online using this convenient link.


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