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Got a "Fix-It" Ticket? San Francisco Automotive Solutions is Here to Help.

Correctable violations (more commonly known as "fix-it" tickets) are very common here in California. If an officer pulls you over and notices a mechanical failure, they are likely to give you a citation. What it means is that you are given a certain amount of days to have the problem repaired. If you take care of it in the given time period, you won't be subject to the full citation amount. 

Why You Shouldn't Ignore the Ticket

If you ignore the citation, you will be responsible for paying the full amount of the ticket. Plus, you are at risk of receiving another violation in the future for the same issue. Other factors that may come into play include traffic school and points on your record that could increase your insurance premiums or even lead to a suspended license if you have too many traffic violations.

Common Correctable Violations

Here is a list of some common "fix-it" tickets that you might receive:

• Broken Headlight, Brake Light or Turn Signal

• Major Windshield Crack

• Missing or Damaged Mirrors

• Weak Brakes

Exhaust Issues

• Window Tint Too Dark

• Broken Seatbelts or Damaged Airbags

• Bald Tires

• Fluid Leaks

• Damaged/Missing Windshield Wipers

• Missing License Plate(s)

A police or CHP has the right to issue a "fix-it" ticket any time they think something is a danger to you or other drivers on the road. The best course of action is to get the repair taken care of as quickly as possible, so you can avoid paying the full fine.

Repairs at San Francisco Automotive Solutions

San Francisco Automotive Solutions is here to help. We can get you in and out of our shop quickly with minor repairs or parts replacements. If we don't have the replacement parts in stock, we'll get them ordered for you and let you know as soon as they come in. That way, you can bring your car in and get it fixed as quickly as possible. Once the repair work is complete, we'll provide the necessary documentation that you can get the correctable violation removed from your record. 

If you got a "fix-it" ticket, don't make the problem worse by ignoring it. Bring your vehicle into San Francisco Automotive Solutions for quality repairs and timely service. Stop by our shop in the SoMa District, call us at (415) 957-1170 or schedule your service appointment online. If you need a part replaced, your best bet is to call ahead so we can make sure it's in stock or get it ordered before you get to the shop.



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