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Exhaust System Maintenance and Repair at San Francisco Automotive Solutions

Bad things can happen if your car's exhaust system isn't working properly. If you have problems with your catalytic converter, muffler, exhaust pipes or other exhaust system components, your car will not perform well and the exhaust fumes can be deadly.

What Your Car's Exhaust System Does

First, it's important to understand what the exhaust system does in your vehicle. It essentially keeps your car or truck running well. It diverts toxic exhaust fumes away from your engine and out the tail pipe. If the exhaust system isn't working right, then those fumes can get into the engine and cause major deterioration to the internal components. The bigger concern is that those exhaust fumes can travel into your passenger cabin, leading to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Quite simply, a proper exhaust system is vital to the health of the engine and the driver. It will reduce emissions and can also have a positive effect on your fuel economy. You want to keep your exhaust system running well, which is why you should trust it to the expert auto repair team at San Francisco Automotive Solutions for all your exhaust maintenance, repair and installation needs.

Signs You Might Have an Exhaust Problem

There are a few common warning signs that you might notice. If you experience any of the following, it could be an exhaust system problem, or something else wrong with your vehicle that you'll want to get checked out at San Francisco Automotive Solutions.

     • The car is vibrating a lot or losing power.

     • Your check engine light comes on (this could mean any number of urgent issues that need to be addressed)

     • Rattling noises (a bad catalytic converter might sound like someone shaking a metal box full of pennies).

     • Loud exhaust noises could mean a bad muffler or exhaust leak.

     • Funny smells in the passenger cabin.

     • Decrease fuel efficiency could also be a sign of exhaust issues.

Count on San Francisco Automotive Solutions for all of your muffler, catalytic converter and exhaust system repairs and maintenance needs. We can also help with custom exhaust system installation and service. Call our auto shop today at (415) 523-0515 or schedule a service visit online.


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