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Customer Gets Clutch Replaced at San Francisco Automotive Solutions

Max was in a tough situation when his clutch went out. We've all been there before, as automotive problems always seem to happen at the least convenient time. Max needed to get the clutch repaired properly and he needed it done quickly. That's why he turned to the auto repair professionals at San Francisco Automotive Solutions.

"Pat [Banta, owner] really helped me out in a pinch when my clutch went out," Max says. "He took the car in on a Monday and had a brand new clutch in the car by early Wednesday morning."

Without a working clutch, any vehicle will pretty much be stuck. The clutch is needed to shift between gears, and all transmissions (both manual and automatic) depend on a functioning clutch assembly to keep the vehicle running right. In Max's case, his clutch had completely failed and it needed to be replaced.

Pat and his team at San Francisco Automotive Solutions ordered the replacement parts. Once the new clutch was installed, it was inspected and road tested to make absolutely sure it was working just right. Within a couple days, Max was able to pick up his car and get back to life as normal.

While the clutch repairs were being made, our technicians inspected other parts of the vehicle. A handful of other minor issues were detected. Max only wanted us to replace the clutch this time around, but we still walked him through some of the other discoveries and recommendations so he knew exactly what what we found.

"Pat was transparent, trustworthy and knew exactly what he was talking about," Max adds. "On top of that he explained to me some of the things going on in my car with helpful videos and graphics to visualize what needed to be done. Overall a great experience. Thanks Pat!"

Thank you, Max, for sharing your feedback. We're glad everything worked out so well with your new clutch and we're always here to help if you need any other repairs or maintenance services.

San Francisco Automotive Solutions is the name to trust for high quality Bay Area auto repair services. Call our shop today at (415) 957-1170 or schedule your service appointment online.


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