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Computer Diagnostics at San Francisco Automotive Solutions

The newer your vehicle, the more advanced it will likely be in terms of technology. Some of today's cars are extremely high-tech, especially luxury cars, European automobiles and hybrid/electric vehicles. These cars depend on sensitive digital gadgets and a complex computer system to monitor different things and let you when something isn't right.

Dashboard Warning Lights

When you see a warning light come up on your dashboard or onboard display, it means that one of the sensors has detected something wrong with the vehicle and it has let the car's computer know. In turn, the car's computer is letting you know by displaying the warning light. Some warning lights are very specific like the engine temperature (overheating), brakes/ABS, tire pressure, oil pressure or low battery. Others might be a bit more vague like the good old "Check Engine" light.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light is a good example of why you want to have a professional automotive technician perform diagnostic testing on the vehicle to read specific fault codes. Then, a more thorough mechanical inspection can reveal the true source of the problem. A check engine light can indicate anything from a tripped oxygen sensor (O2 sensor) in the exhaust system to engine, transmission and cooling system issues. It could be something fairly minor like a failing sensor, or it could be something major that requires attention as soon as possible. Most check engine lights will illumination in different colors or even flash if there is a serious problem detected, but no warning light you see should be taken lightly.

Professional Computer Diagnostics and Vehicle Inspections

San Francisco Automotive Solutions has one of the most state-of-the-art auto repair facilities in the Bay Area. We're located in the heart of the high-tech SoMa District, and we believe in using the latest technology to our advantage. If you have a warning light come on in your car, bring it to our shop for a full diagnostic analysis and inspection. Our ASE Certified technicians will let you know exactly what's wrong and what needs to be done to fix the problem(s).

Sure, you can go get a free and simple diagnostic test at the local auto parts store, but that will only scratch the surface of identifying the issue. You need someone who can properly read the fault codes and then has the mechanical knowledge to physically inspect the parts that may be triggering the warning system. Then, we can offer any automotive repairs you need—right when you need them and at a fair price. You usually do not want to wait to address any automotive issues. Even the most minor problems can develop into something major if left ignored for too long!

If your check engine light or another warning light is on, bring your vehicle to San Francisco Automotive Solutions for thorough diagnostic testing and a professional inspection. Call us today at (415) 957-1170 or schedule your service appointment online.


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