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Are You in Need of Airbag Repair?

When it comes to modern vehicles, airbags are extremely sensitive pieces of equipment. They are designed to be. When an impact is detected, they are made to quickly and automatically inflate in order to provide a safe cushion for the driver and any passengers. They could go off unintentionally, but that is very unlikely to happen. The airbag and sensor systems in modern cars are so sophisticated. Unfortunately, like any automotive component, issues can arise.

The bigger worry is not if they will go off by accident, but if they will go off properly when there actually is an accident. Any flaw in the system or a faulty airbag can cause problems that may prevent the airbag from working when it is supposed to. 

Warning Sensors

Your vehicle will have sensors and dashboard warning lights that will illuminate if an issue is detected within any of the airbags. Most passenger side or rear airbags will use weight sensors that deactivate the airbags if no one is sitting in the seat. If you notice the passenger side airbag light is on when nobody is sitting there, you may want to have the sensors checked out. Otherwise, potential problems with the driver side airbag(s) will be warned of with the dashboard warning light.

Airbag Replacement or Repair

If you were an an accident that set off the airbag(s), then you'll need to get the bags replaced and have all the sensors reset. This is very technical work that you won't want to leave to anyone but a well-trained auto repair expert. San Francisco Automotive Solutions is here for all your airbag inspection, repair and maintenance needs. When it comes to your safety, you do not ever want to take any chances. Make sure your airbags, sensors and entire airbag system are working the way they should, so the bags will inflate properly in case of an accident. Hopefully, you'll never need to use your airbags at all, but it's good to know they're there and working properly.

For all your airbag repair or any automotive service needs, count on the technicians at San Francisco Automotive Solutions. Call our shop today at (415) 957-1170 or schedule your service appointment online.



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