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6 Summer Car Care Tips

Summertime is almost here. For many people, that means road trips and family vacations. In San Francisco, it also means a lot more tourists and traffic throughout town, which adds to the "stop and go" strain that's already amplified by our hilly city streets. 

If you preparing for a long road trip (which may mean towing a trailer, carrying extra cargo and a full passenger load) or just want to make sure your car stays in good shape throughout the summer months, San Francisco Automotive Solutions has prepared these helpful summer car care tips:

1. Get Your Oil Changed

This should be something you are doing every 3,000-5,000 miles anyway, but you definitely want to make sure your oil and oil filter are fresh before taking any long road trips.

2. Check Your Fluids

There are a lot of different fluids that keep your car running well. Test the levels, viscosity and quality of all the different fluids in your car, such as transmission fluid, power steering fluid, radiator coolant, air conditioning coolant, oil, brake fluid and even windshield washer fluid.

3. Battery Test

Make sure your battery is running strong and won't give you trouble during long drives. Get your battery tested and replaced if necessary at San Francisco Automotive Solutions.

4. Tire Care

Make sure your tires have been rotated according to your factory recommended schedule. Check the tread depth and don't take off for any long trips if your tires are almost bald. Also, check the air pressure. Proper air pressure can make a real difference in gas mileage.

5. Check Your Wheel Alignment

Let the professionals at San Francisco Automotive Solutions do a wheel alignment check and make any alignment adjustments if needed. This will prevent uneven tire wear and improve gas mileage.

6. Brake Inspection

Few things are as important as your car's brakes. Keep them in good shape and have a professional brake inspection performed periodically. If brake pads or rotors are worn, get them replaced. If you are on vacation and driving in unfamiliar territory, you'll want your brakes to be working right!

These are just some tips to help keep your car running well during the summer months and on any family vacations. For all these vehicle maintenance services and any of your auto repair needs, call San Francisco Automotive Solutions (formerly All American Automotive) or schedule an online appointment today!


Car Care Tips
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