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6 Reasons Why Your Tires May Be Wearing Out Too Quickly

If your tires are wearing out quicker than you expected and the tread wear is noticeably different from tire to tire, then it can be the sign of numerous different issues. The good news is that many problems can be easily fixed with proper automotive maintenance and car care. 

Still, let's look at a few of the most common causes of uneven tread wear and reduced tire life:

1. Wheel Alignment

This is the most common culprit when it comes to tires wearing out unevenly. If your wheel alignment is off, then the individual wheels and tires are taking different levels of stress as you drive. Get your wheel alignment checked regularly as part of your normal vehicle maintenance routine and get them properly realigned as needed to keep your tires and other components lasting longer.

2. Tire Rotation

If you neglect to rotate your tires regularly (usually every 5,000-6,000 miles is recommended), then they will simply not last as long. There will always be some uneven wear, so rotating them every so often (usually in conjunction with each oil change) helps even out the damage and keep the treads on any given tire from wearing out faster than the others.

3. Driving Habits

Your own personal driving habits can certainly impact the wear and tear on your wheels and tires. If you peel out when you accelerate from a stop, jam on the brakes a lot or push your car too hard around tight corners, you are only adding to the demise of your tires.

4. Brake System

If your brake pads are getting worn out or one of the calipers or discs is sticking, it will lead to some uneven tire tread wear. It's also a good idea to get your brakes inspected and serviced regularly as part of your overall maintenance plan.

5. Suspension System

If your suspension is weak or not calibrated right, it may seem like you feel every single bump and vibration on the road. What you feel inside is the tires taking the brunt of the pressure and damage because your suspension system isn't doing its job.

6. Power Steering

Though not the most likely cause, issues within your power steering system can lead to increased tire stress and uneven tread wear. It's good to get a power steering service periodically, which can help with maintaining proper wheel alignment.

If your tires are wearing out too quickly or unevenly, bring your vehicle to the Bay Area auto repair specialists at San Francisco Automotive Solutions. We'll perform a thorough inspection and get to the root of the problem before making any recommend repairs or system adjustments. We can test your wheel alignment and get you on a proper maintenance plan to help keep your tires—and everything in the vehicle—running well and lasting as long as possible.

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