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5 Signs of Hybrid Battery Failure

It feels good to own a hybrid vehicle. You’re saving money on gas and leaving less of a carbon footprint. But like any vehicle, hybrids need proper care—in fact, even more care—to keep running efficiently. Hybrid batteries are built to last the life of the vehicle. However, they are still prone to malfunctions and failures just like any automotive component.

Here are some of the most common signs that your hybrid vehicle battery isn’t working right according to the hybrid repair and maintenance specialists at San Francisco Automotive Solutions.

1. A Drop in MPG

Numerous issues can affect your vehicle’s fuel economy, but a weak hybrid battery will certainly affect your miles per gallon (MPG). If you notice a steady drop in your MPG, it could be the battery.

2. State of Charge Fluctuations

If your state of charge (SOC) is fluctuating wildly, it’s either a battery issue or a problem within the charging system.

3. Increased Use of Internal Combustion Engine

If you notice that your Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) is running more than usual, there could be a problem with your hybrid battery.

4. Decreased Battery Charge

If your battery charge goes down when the vehicle is not in operation, then there is likely some sort of issue with the battery or charging system that you will want to have looked at by a professional mechanic who understands hybrid vehicles.

5. Strange Engine Noises

The more your internal combustion engine runs, the more likely it is to experience its own issues. You may hear strange noises or the car struggles to accelerate. This is an example of a failing hybrid battery leading to overuse and damage within the ICE.

If you notice any of these hybrid battery symptoms or other issues that concern you with your hybrid, electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle, contact the hybrid auto repair specialists at San Francisco Automotive Solutions. We can determine the source of the problem and recommend the necessary hybrid repairs.

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