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5 Reasons Why You Need to Rotate Your Tires

In addition to having the oil changed regularly, a tire rotation is the other most common maintenance service recommended for all vehicles. In most cases, a tire rotation is recommended every 5,000-6,000 miles. There are numerous benefits and reasons why you should do it.

1. More Even Tire Treads

The main reason why you want to rotate your tires is to help keep the tire treads as even as possible over time. Various factors will put more strain on certain wheels and tires, so almost every vehicle will wear out the treads unevenly.

2. Longer Tire Life

The more even you keep your tire treads, the longer your tires will last. If you don't rotate them, one or two of the tires may wear out quicker than the rest and you'll end up having to replaced them individually, which is usually more expensive overall then replacing them all at once with a new set.

3. Safety

Obviously, if your tire treads are getting worn out unevenly, it presents safety concerns for the driver and passengers. Tires won't grip the road surfaces consistently and that can be dangerous.

4. Performance

Just like the safety factor, performance of the vehicle will also be affected by the health of your tires. Rebalancing all the wheels and tires is another component of tire rotation that often goes overlooked, but it will impact the overall performance of your car.

5. Health of Other Components

Tire rotation not only helps the tires, but it can aid in keeping other components healthier. We're talking about the wheels, wheel bearings, axles, differentials, brakes and suspension system.

If you have the skills, the tools and the knowledge, you can rotate your tires on your own just like you might change your own oil. However, if you don't know what you are doing, it is best left to the experts. Certain factors need to be considered such as whether the tires are directional or not, and whether the vehicle is front-wheel, rear-wheel or all-wheel drive. There are specific tire rotation strategies based on the type of tires and the vehicle itself.

When you need a tire rotation or any other regular vehicle maintenance, count on the auto repair experts at San Francisco Automotive Solutions. Call our shop today at (415) 957-1170 or schedule your next service visit online.


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